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Extending Your JUGGIN’ Day into the Night

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Our Product / Jug Fishing Concept

A new and exciting way to jug line fish. Solar Juggin’ was designed to revolutionize the sport of jug line fishing by creating a durable design that is more efficient and easy to use than other competing products. In addition, our product also allows you to be able to check your jug lines throughout the night.

Key Advantages

  • Brighter Output.
  • Tougher, Stronger, Longer Lasting Product on the Market
  • Easy to Use, Lift and Store
  • Extends Your Fishing Into the Night Time Hours for More Fish
  • Easier Accessibility and Storage All in One Location
  • Simple and Effective Way to Jug Fish
  • Freedom of Being State Compliant
  • Provides Proof of Ownership and Contact Details

Key Features

  • LED Solar Powered Light – 20,000 mCd.
  • Durable Design with PE Plastic
  • Weighs Less Than Two Pounds
  • Area Located at The Base for Hook & Line Storage
  • Easy Functionality
  • Complies with State Regulations
  • Space Allotted for Contact Information
  • Jug Fishing Concept

Jug fishing is a method of fishing geared toward fishermen that want to catch a lot of fish. Jug Fishing is a tackle-free method of fishing that uses lines suspended from floating jugs to catch fish in lakes or rivers. Often, a large number of jugs are used when jug fishing. Jug fishing consists of a simple setup where lines are tied onto jugs and weights can be added to the line to keep the jug’s location fixed. Many fish can be caught on jugs, but the main target of jug fishing is often catfish.

Jug Fishing Methods (Anchored Jug lines or Free Floating Jug Fishing)

When fishing with fixed floating jugs, a fisherman will place the jug in one location and fix the jug to that location by one of the following two ways. The first is by tying the jug to a branch, stump, or another fixed object on the water. The second way is by attaching large weights (approximately one to three pounds depending on the current in the water) to the bottom of the fishing line below the hook to keep the jug from moving. This method is particularly effective for catching large fish. Also, the jug will not become lost since it is fixed. However, since the jug is fixed, this now requires the fish to find the jug,  which is always an uncertainty. When fishing free floating jugs, a fisherman will simply place jugs in the water that have hooks and lines attached to them, but no weights will be attached to the lines. The jug will then be free to move about in the water’s current. Since this method allows the jug to drift through a large area of water, this method is useful when a fisherman is uncertain the location of the fish. This method is very easy to set up. However, since the jugs are free to drift across the lake, the jugs are easy to lose (especially if a fish is hooked) if a fisherman does not pay close attention to the jugs.

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