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Extending Your JUGGIN’ Day into the Night

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Frequently asked Questions about Jug fishing and Solar Juggin

What is Solar Juggin?

We are a small but dedicated company with an exciting new product that allows you to track your jugs and even continue the fun into the night!  The Solar Juggin Jug & Solar Light are a jug and light system that gives you more buoyancy than traditional jugging methods as well as lighting the jug so that you can track jugs throughout the day & night.  You can find out more in our Product Concept Description.

What the heck is jug fishing?

As we mention in the  “Jug Fishing Concept” Section of the site, Jug fishing is a method of fishing geared toward fishermen that want to catch a lot of fish. Jug Fishing is a tackle-free method of fishing that uses lines suspended from floating jugs to catch fish in lakes or rivers. Often, a large number of jugs are used when jug fishing. Jug fishing consists of a simple setup where lines are tied onto jugs and weights can be added to the line to keep the jug’s location fixed. Many fish can be caught on jugs, but the main target of jug fishing is often catfish.

How do I Purchase my Solar Juggin Jug & Solar Powered Light?

You can purchase your Solar Juggin Jug & Light here!  Feel free to browse around and check out our Jug Fishin Blog for cool content as well as product updates & release announcements!

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