Solar Juggin type

Extending Your JUGGIN’ Day into the Night

juggin-Item 200

What is Solar Juggin’?

A new and exciting way to jug line fish. Solar Juggin’ was designed to allow fishermen to check their jug lines throughout the night.
Jug Fishing Concept Jug fishing is a method of fishing geared toward fishermen who want to catch a lot of fish. Jug Fishing is a tackle-free method of fishing that uses lines suspended from floating jugs to catch fish in lakes or rivers.

Key Advantages

  • Ability to locate and check your jug line at night
  • Durable design – more reliable and durable than other jug line methods (milk carton)
  • Holds more weight
  • Easy to identify during the day
  • Specific place to put your contact info and date the line was set
  • Super buoyant
  • Light weight – estimated 2-lbs